MANOKA  is an island situated at about sixty kilometers from the city center of Douala in the Littoral region of Cameroon.

The Island is located 35mins (by boat) off the small fishing port of Youpwe.  Covering an area of ​​88 km², the island seduces with its charm, its calm and the water jets that characterizes it.

Considered as the largest island in Cameroon, it is perched right in the Atlantic Ocean.

Enough to allow its visitors to enjoy the fauna as well as the flora while contemplating the sun setting over the sea.

Manoka is a tourist attraction, because of it’s white sandy beatches and lush nature .You can also discover shells on the beach, and you can enjoy grilled fish sold from local fishing at the small market in Manoka.

Manoka was one of the strongholds of the First World War, but also one of the trading posts of the slave trade. We give you the opportunity to visit this beautiful place.

You will have the opportunity to make a maritime trip in a rowboat, where we shall visit the Mangroove of the coast, the fishermen’s camp, we will equally enjoy the beaches of Manoka and above all, we will contemplate the colonial prison built by the Germans before the 1st World War.

The name Manoka is said to come from s. This is the name of a German nun who allegedly lost her life on the island

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