Making decisions is the daily task of leaders, regardless of the scope of authority, and the results of those decisions determine your success. How do you overcome this decision making problem, day after day, year after year?

More than a million business leaders around the world have irrefutable laws in place, and the most successful ones follow them and adhere to them to the letter.

Following laws requires daily personal review, ongoing rigor and a lifetime commitment. However, the leadership journey is well worth the effort, as it will take you to heights you never imagined possible.

  1. Abandon life’s shortcuts.

Great leaders are as committed to the pursuit of leadership greatness as a professional athlete. They recognize that it is a perilous, never-ending path that requires perseverance and focused effort.

They take responsibility for their own development and reject life shortcuts.

They demonstrate rigor and perseverance, working hard to hone their skills and giving their all to continually progress. They push themselves to gain more knowledge, develop further and reach greater heights.

  1. Establish a workspace for your entity’s activities.

Successful executives consistently give themselves time and space away from the day-to-day concerns of the business to reflect, learn new information and focus on strategy.

This discipline gives them the insight and perspective they need to deal with problems when they arise and to lead their companies to long-term success.

They force themselves to take their time and make thoughtful decisions by fighting the need to always be on the edge.

  1. Accept input from your peers to refine your thinking.

You don’t have to climb alone. Embark on a similar journey with others. Top performers, most successful people and elite leaders seek multiple perspectives on critical issues from trusted peers. They actively fight confirmation bias and solitary thinking.

They find other peer leaders who have dealt with comparable issues in various sectors. These peers know the intricacies and challenges of the job, but bring new perspectives that are not limited by institutional knowledge.

This effect is enhanced when diverse leaders come together, especially if the environment is conducive to open discussion and frank, constructive criticism.

  1. Engage everyone.

I have observed that most world-class business leaders have little ego and a lot of curiosity. They are curious, open to new perspectives from trusted sources and eager to investigate.

They see vulnerability as a strength and are the first to acknowledge that they don’t have all the answers.

They don’t ask questions to support their own arguments; rather, they do so to get feedback and pressure test their assumptions before making the best choice for the company.

  1. Make decisions with discipline.

The best people are disciplined. They make decisions according to a proven process. They use a methodical approach that integrates their intuition, their knowledge- and data-based judgment, and the insights of their peers, mentors, and staff members.

Applying this discipline allows them to consistently make more correct decisions in less time.

  1. Find a reliable advisor or coach

Effective leaders consider a coach or advisor to be an essential component of leadership excellence.

They value a discreet and reliable advisor who challenges their assumptions, points out their blind spots and holds them accountable when necessary.

The best advisors and coaches treat the business leader as a whole person, not just the person at the top of the business structure.

Leaders who adopt a thorough development strategy that incorporates trusted peer input, effective coaching and subject matter expert insights consistently beat their rivals.

The final word: Rise up by helping others.

Excellent leaders are not just concerned with their own choices. They help others solve their problems through critical thinking. In doing so, they improve their own decision-making abilities and secure their ecosystem.

William V. Iwandza

GGA  Thought Leader

 Individual Consultant


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